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Hey, I'm Shai, but sometimes I'm called Noogie. I'm 21 years old, Pinoy, gay, and nonbinary (they/he). I like the color pink, but shaipink also means Shai P. Ink!

Born Year of the Dragon and raised in the SF Bay Area. Currently attending Uppsala University in Sweden. My interests include role-playing games, linguistics, and street fashion. I used to like hockey, but it's on thin ice.

I am an illustrator and concept artist, with a focus on characters and storytelling. Ludonarrative harmony is my goal in designing games. Right now, I create graphics for student projects.

commissions are currently open

Please use the provided form to request a commission!

commission TOS

By ordering a commission from me, Shai / shaipinks, you, the Client, affirm to have read and agree to be legally bound by the following Terms of Service listed below. Failure to abide by the Terms of Service may result in a rejected or cancelled commission without a refund.

These Terms of Service are in effect as of November 1, 2021.


  • I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission for whatever reason, with or without explanation.

  • I will not accept commissions from anyone under the age of 18 to abide by PayPal's own Terms of Service, as well as my own comfort.

  • I have the right to upload the commission on any/all social media unless specified beforehand to keep the commission private.

  • I will not draw anything that promotes hate-speech or any other kind of bigotry. I will not draw kinks. This is to my own discretion.

  • If you try to circumvent these terms or violate them in any way, I will cancel your order and put your username on a public blacklist. No refunds will be given.

image rights

  • I reserve the rights to the image itself and may use it publicly in my portfolio or otherwise.

  • You may make edits to the completed commission, but do not obscure or cut out my watermark or signature.

  • You may use/reupload the commission for personal/non-commercial use, with proper credit and a link back to any of my social media (Tumblr, Twitter,

  • Commissions for commercial use (i.e. producing prints, shirts, badges, etc, of the commission and reselling them) must be discussed with me beforehand. They are subject to a licensing fee.

  • You may not claim the commission as their own work.

  • You (or other parties) are not permitted to mint or sell NFTs of the commissioned work. I do not participate in cryptocurrency. If any of my work shows up as an NFT, it is fraudulent.


  • Payment is to be made after you have approved the sketch.

  • Payment is to be made via PayPal invoices only. I will send a link to the invoice via email or direct message. You do not need a PayPal account.

  • PayPal payment is to be done in USD (United States Dollar). If paying in a different currency, it will be automatically converted and exchange fees are included in the commission price. Prices may fluctuate depending on exchange rates.

  • Payment must be sent within 72 hours after confirmation of initial sketch. If payment is delayed, the commission may be cancelled and the sketch used for something else.

  • Though not required, tips are greatly appreciated!


  • All commissions will be done digitally. There will be no hard copies. You are paying for a service/digital good and will not require shipping of any kind.

  • All commissions will be sent via email with the completed commission .PNG file attached. Raw project files (.PSD, .clip, .blend) will not be provided.

  • Unless specified to not upload the commission to the public, commissions may be posted on my social media, resized and watermarked.

  • Commissions will only be posted on social media after the Client has received and approved the final commission file.

  • Depending on the desired style and queue, the estimated turnaround is about one (1) week to three (3) weeks at the latest.

  • If I take longer than three (3) weeks to complete the commission for whatever reason, you will be contacted and informed of the status of their commission. You may be refunded if no progress has been made.

  • I am a full-time student and may be very busy. Please give me at least two (2) workdays (Mon-Fri) to respond to any questions or inquiries.


  • Refunds will not be given if you have approved a sketch.

  • Refunds will not be given if you have breached my Terms of Service.

  • In the rare case the I cancel a commission, you will receive a full refund, in addition to a .PNG file of whatever progress of the commission has been completed. The refund will be delivered via PayPal.

  • Please contact me if you want to cancel your commission and do not chargeback on PayPal. Full refunds will be given within 72 hours after correspondence.

  • I am willing to make small edits to a finished piece for free for up to a month after initial completion. I reserve the right to decide what a "small edit" constitutes and to reject edit requests after this period.

  • You will not be refunded if you are unsatisfied with the commission. Any significant edits or changes must be requested at the sketch stage.

Character Design TOS

In addition to my commission TOS, character designs that I create are subject to these terms. You must have a account to purchase any designs from me. Invite codes can be provided if needed.


  • Once paid for, the you attain full rights to the character, including commercial rights.

  • You may edit the character and the character’s original art freely. A .PSD file may be provided if requested, though not guaranteed.

  • You may not claim the original design as your own creation, even if you have edited it. Any edits to the original design can be noted as collaborative.

  • A page is required so that I may keep tabs on the design. I can provide invite codes if needed. Do not delete the page, this will result in a ban from any future commission or design openings.

  • I will relinquish credit of the design if you commission or produce pedophilic, incestuous, or otherwise offensive content using the design. This will result in a ban from any future commission or design openings.

Transfers of ownership

  • Reselling for any amount is acceptable, even if recieved in a trade or gift.

  • Trading and gifting is acceptable.


  • All sales are final. If you no longer want the design, please trade or resell it.

  • Payment is done through PayPal invoice or direct PayPal payment. Please pay the full amount only.

  • I will consider payment plans, holds, and/or down payments if the value of the character design is more than $300 USD.

  • If the character design is not paid for in the expected time frame, it may be put back on sale.

  • Upon payment, you will receive the .PNG file of the un-watermarked image of the design. I will also transfer the profile to you.

Examples & Prices

Prices include fees. Tips are appreciated!

regular icon

flat $25

One week turnaround. Suitable for social media. Any character or yourself.

pixel icon

flat $25

200px square canvas only! Designed for character pages.

Custom Reference Sheet

starting at $60

For humanoid or feral characters. Base price includes one fullbody, one headshot, eye detail, and paw/hand detail. Better examples to come soon!

+ $15 / 125kr for new custom design or from description
+ $10 / 85kr per extra partial or mini-outfit view
+ $20 / 170kr per extra full body view

Basic Reference Sheet

flat $50

Intended for anthro characters. Drawn on my own base. Includes front view, back view, and face detail. Custom design fee included in price. Add-ons may be negotiated for an additional price.

Base is available for free on my Ko-fi with limited options.

Want something else?

I'm happy to discuss your idea! Feel free to message me and we can definitely work something out for you.

Thank you for your interest in my art!

In the main message body, please provide character references, moodboards, and posing ideas. Details are strongly encouraged!

You can purchase my merch designs via Bonfire! Click the link below.