Splash art by Viggo Rohden

Shifting Sands - 2023

Concept Art, Logo, Hub UI

Step into the sandals of a technologically enhanced gladiator, forced to fight for freedom on the ever-changing sands of the arena. Prepare for challenging encounters, and make sure to keep the crowd entertained!

PiRats - 2022

Concept and Character Art, VFX, Materials, and Logo

Pi-rats is a 3D, single-player roguelike game for PC. Play as Capri, a former princess, now a pirate captain with a crew of capable rats. Earn gold by defeating rival pirates and royal ships, while enduring volleys of cannon fire. Stop by the moving turtle isles and purchase upgrades for the hull, sails, cannons & more! Buy parrots to stuff into the cannons, shark bait to attract sharks and take advantage of their destructive power and much more.

Purchase unlimited amounts of upgrades from the turtle merchants and become the most wanted pirate with the highest bounty on the seven seas.

Stargoon - 2023

Concept and Character Art

Your name is Keone Shepka and you don't remember how you ended up in Milky Way HC's locker room. Your teammates expect you to be an enforcer out on the endless ice, beating your opponents to a pulp... but can you even remember how to fight? Shit, do you even remember the rules? What the hell do they mean by respawn amnesia?!

This isn't ice hockey as we know it. This is ice hockey without limits. It is a battlefield. It is a lifestyle. It is peaceful war. It is an abomination.

It's a game and it's fun. At least you remember that part.

Stargoon is a video game concept project and is not in production.

weird_cat.exe - 2023

Art and Design

weird_cat.exe was made over the course of two weeks for an experimental games course where the given theme was trust, which can be the literal interpretation of trusting another player or trusting the game itself.

In our case, it's trusting us—the developers—that this is not malware of any sort. But if you enjoy games that break the 4th wall in unforeseen ways, then this is the game for you!

Made with Unity. No real file deletion will occur during gameplay.

Background by Oliver Lincke

ReSculpt - 2023

Character Art, Logo, and VFX

ReSculpt is a casual mobile game where you gather trash and recycle it into sculptures. Find the rarest pieces, or combine multiple into complex shapes. Impress the local wildlife and they will bid on your creations. Spend your earnings in the Raccoon-run Junkyards sale to gain access to upgraded tools, or more decorations for your sculptures. What will you create?

Chop Squad! - 2021

Lead Artist and VFX

Designed to be a multiplayer party game but can be played solo as well (no one said you can't party on your own). You ideally use a controller (but keyboard works as well) to grab food OR pinch your opponents to deny them food, both actions use your weapon of choice: chopsticks.